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SilverBullet is an advanced, open-source web testing and automation platform designed to streamline and enhance a variety of online tasks. Building on the foundation of tools like OpenBullet, SilverBullet provides a comprehensive suite of features tailored for both novice and expert users in fields such as cybersecurity, web development, and data analysis.

This platform allows users to create, customize, and execute complex workflows, known as “configs,” which can automate interactions with web applications, perform penetration testing, scrape data, and more. SilverBullet emphasizes flexibility, performance, and user-friendly design, making it a powerful tool for efficient and effective web task automation. However, its robust capabilities necessitate responsible and ethical use to ensure compliance with legal standards and to avoid misuse.

SilverBullet Pro 1.5.5

User Interface:

– Block selection menu similar to OB2, with a search bar.
– Proxy organizer for grouping proxies for runners.
– Customizable config icons with a preview option.
– Light-weight Edge Chromium-based browser.
– Script Auto-Complete ability.
– Built-in Undo and Redo in the Stacker section.
– Ability to add custom plug-ins without restarting.


– Real User-Agent database, including Console User-Agents.
– Encoding option for parsing inputs with desired encoding.
– Puppeteer added, replacing Selenium.
– Lambda Parser for dynamic LINQ expressions.
– HTTP request block with HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 support.
– WebSocket request block supporting various proxies.
– New browser engine to avoid old browser errors.
– C# and NodeJS interpreters.
– Import custom C#, Python, and NodeJS libraries.
– FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, SSH, Shell Command blocks added.
– UNIX Timestamp with different units.
– Customizable GUID generation.
– XPath Parse method for XML files.
– New commands in LoliScript.
– Execution priority in KEY_CHECK Keychains.
– Automatic variable type detection.
– Long Integers (Int64) support in Random Integer block.
– RSA settings import as XML parameters.
– Config Converter in the “Tools” tab.
– Multi-Language support.
– Safe-mode for Parse, Lambda, and select Function blocks.
– NativeLibInvoke block for invoking functions through native libraries.
– “ESLEIF” command in SVBScript.
– Runner Scheduler.
– Captcha solver block for Puppeteer (supports recaptcha).

Additional Features:

– Words to Numbers and vice versa block.
– List reload setting on SB Pro in the new build.
– CalcRelativeTime Block.
– DictionaryToString and DictionaryToList functions.
– Ability to add breakpoints.
– Execute C#, JavaScript, and Python code in ‘Parse’ & ‘KeyCheck’ blocks.
– Execute Java code.
– OCR engine updates.
– Compiler improvements, including different output modes and licensing.
– Full log display in Notepad++ on runner.
– Ability to execute C# and JavaScript code in inputs.

Download SilverBullet Pro here: 

SilverBullet Pro is a powerful and versatile web testing and automation platform that offers advanced features for automating web interactions, performing security testing, and managing data. Its user-friendly design, combined with robust customization options, makes it suitable for both beginners and experts. However, due to its capabilities, it is essential to use SilverBullet Pro responsibly and ethically, adhering to legal standards to prevent misuse.


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